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Vinnie’s romantic holiday did not go as planned. There was an assault, his companion was threatened and the police asked them to leave.

And when Vinnie returns to his police job in Manchester, things don’t get much better, as he finds himself at the heart of an investigation that stretches from Manchester to all corners of Europe. Women are being trafficked into the UK and forced into prostitution, and while the police are diligent in their enquiries, they seem to have a rogue in their midst.

As events unravel, the lines between good and bad, police and criminals, seem to become more and more blurred... and the stakes for all involved are getting higher.

Hidden is Book 3 in Roger Price’s the badge and the pen series, but it can equally be read as a novel in its own right. Existing fans of Vinnie and Christine are bound to love it, but Hidden is also perfect for crime and police fiction lovers, and anybody who loves a fast-paced, gripping story.  

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'I enjoy{ed} the characters so much and they come across as real and human and that is what hooks and engages the reader. Lots of similarities to Peter James but Mr Price is an individual and stand alone writer in his own right who knows how to weave a good yarn with pace and lots of drama.' 

Amazon UK 5* review. 

'I found Vengeance fast paced from the word off, non stop action all the way through. A real crime thriller novel with an exciting look into the underworld.'

Goodreads 5* review.